To keep your utility bills in check while staying comfortable in your home, follow these easy tips to heat your home efficiently. Your family can be cozy and warm even while reducing your monthly power bill.

1. Set the Thermostat to Heat Your Home Efficiently

Many homeowners leave the thermostat on the same setting day and night, whether they’re at home, away, or sleeping. According to the Department of Energy, this can increase your heating costs by up to 10%.

A better idea is to set the thermostat to around 68 degrees while you are at home and awake. When you leave or go to bed, lower the temperature by a few degrees. A smart thermostat is programmable and great for setting a schedule to help you heat your home efficiently.

2. Replace the Furnace Filter

If yours is a forced-air system, replacing the furnace filter will reduce energy bills by up to 5%. A clear filter improves indoor air quality as there will be fewer allergens, like dust, mold, and pet dander in your home. The furnace will run more efficiently and last longer when well-maintained.

3. Good Insulation is Necessary to Heat Your Home Efficiently

Proper insulation reduces energy loss and helps prevent drafts. To save money on your heating costs, start by inspecting the insulation in the attic. Over time, insulation can shift or become damaged by rodents or roof leaks. Add or replace insulation as necessary.

Check around your doors and windows for drafts. Use weatherstripping material and silicone caulk to seal cracks and gaps. An easy way to eliminate airflow beneath the doorway is by installing a door sweep or use a “door snake” to block drafts.

4. Use Ceiling Fans

If your ceiling fan has a switch to reverse its direction, this will help to heat your home efficiently. Switch the blades to rotate in a clockwise direction when the weather starts getting colder. Run the fan at the lowest speed. The airflow will push warm air down, which will help to keep the room warmer.

5. Keep the HVAC System Properly Maintained

In addition to regularly changing the HVAC filter, have the system serviced at the recommended intervals — most manufacturers recommend at least yearly. Not only will the strain on the unit be reduced, but its overall performance will also be improved.

6. Use the Sun

On days when the sun is shining, open the curtains. Radiant heat from the sun will light your living spaces and warm the home. Close the curtains again before the evening cold arrives to better insulate the room.

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