If you don’t look forward to most household chores, you are not alone. Housecleaning tasks can quickly pile up and leave you feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated. Here are a few time-saving cleaning tricks to make tidying up more accessible and manageable.

Helpful Time-Saving Cleaning Tricks

1. Cleaning the Sink

To get rid of stains in your sink, you won’t need chemicals and special detergents. Slice a lemon in half and sprinkle it with baking soda. Use the lemon half to scrub your sink. It’ll help remove stains and odors. If you’re concerned about scratching the sink, omit the baking soda and let the citric acid do the work.

2. Microwave

Baked-on food in the microwave keeps the appliance from working efficiently. Keep it clean by placing a lemon slice in a bowl of water. Boil the water in the microwave, and the steam will loosen stuck-on food particles. Use a sponge or soft cloth to wipe the inside of the appliance.

3. Refrigerator Shelves

To prevent food stains on the shelves in your fridge, line each shelf with plastic wrap. When the refrigerator shelving gets dirty, peel the plastic away and replace it.

4. Time-Saving Cleaning Tricks for the Toilet

The toilet needs to be cleaned regularly. To make the job easier, purchase toilet cleaning tablets. These are dropped into the bowl, where they bubble and loosen dirt and grime for a more effortless clean.

5. Make Cleaning Dishes Easier

If you don’t like washing dishes, fill the kitchen sink with soapy water while you cook dinner and place pots and pans in when you are finished serving the food. This gives them time to soak while you enjoy dinner and makes for easier clean-up afterward.

6. Keeping the Oven Clean with Time-Saving Cleaning Tricks

Food and baked goods can spill and splatter in the oven. To keep things clean, fit the oven with non-stick, heat-resistant liners to catch food residue and make for an easier clean-up.

7. Clean When You’re in the Shower

Keep a sponge and squeegee in the shower and do a quick clean just after your shower. Doing this regularly prevents dirt and soap scum from building up in between regular cleanings.

8. Time-Saving Cleaning Tricks for Your Washing Machine

You don’t have to do much to clean the washing machine. Empty the filter and run the empty machine on a hot-water cycle with bleach in the detergent drawer. When complete, leave the door open so the inside of the appliance can dry completely.

9. Showerhead

Instead of spending time scrubbing your showerhead, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and water and secure it over the fixture. This will break down grime to make cleaning the showerhead a breeze.

10. Pet Hair

When you share your home with pets, cleaning up fur may feel like a neverending task. If you don’t have a handheld vacuum, slip on a pair of rubber cleaning gloves and dampen them slightly. Rub them over pillows, upholstery, and sofas to pick up loose fur.

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