Whether you enjoy the cold weather or prefer to stay warm and cozy inside, it’s a good idea to get your home prepared for the winter. Sometimes we don’t realize how important these tasks are until the temperatures drop and it’s too late and too cold to make improvements. Here are a few important things to add to your winter home maintenance checklist to get your property ready for the colder months ahead.

Check the Drainage Around Your Property

Good drainage around your home is important to keep your foundation safe. Make sure the gutters are cleared before freezing weather arrives. Gutters help precipitation drain away from the property.

Cleaning the gutters also helps prevent ice dams from forming and water from spilling over onto pathways or the driveway. Water that gets on these areas may freeze and become slippery and dangerous. Keep ice melt on hand so you’re prepared to salt your sidewalks, steps, and driveways to keep them clear and safe.

Inspect the Insulation

Proper insulation is key to keeping your home warm and comfortable during the colder months of the year. Before the temperature drops, check your insulation to make sure there are no gaps or areas of missing insulation. Add insulation as needed and fill gaps under and around doors and windows. You’ll save money by heating your home more efficiently.

Winter Maintenance on the Heating System

Before winter arrives, hire a technician to inspect your system and make any needed repairs. An annual maintenance check-up will help to ensure you’re not without heat on the coldest day of the year.

Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance

Many homeowners supplement their home’s heating system with a fireplace. Keep your fireplace safe and ready for use by checking for cracks in the bricks and mortar. Make sure the chimney cap is properly attached.

Before starting a fire this season, look for branches that are overhanging your roof and close to the chimney. These will need to be pruned back before building a fire. Finally, test your smoke detectors to make sure the alarm will sound in case of a fire.

Winter Home Maintenance: Inspect the Roof

Your roof protects your home and family from the elements. Make sure it’s in good shape before cold weather sets in. Take a look at the roof, checking for missing or broken shingles and rusted or damaged flashing.

Remove any branches that are overhanging the roof. Icy weather or a bad snowstorm could cause the branches to snap and cause damage to your roof and home.

Cold weather will be here before you know it. Be well prepared to keep your family safe, warm, and comfortable through the winter season.

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